You are signing up for access to the All Welcome fundraising platform, produced by The Developer Society.

The Developer Society are providing access to this technology and hosting of the platform to support the efforts of groups working with refugees and migrants.

All transactions on the platform are between you and your supporters and as an organisation, you will be solely responsible for managing this relationship including managing your own liability for data management under GDPR.

The Developer Society retains the right to revoke access to the platform for any groups using it for means other than stated above or any actions not deemed to be in the spirit of the aims of the project.

All projects with The Developer Society are governed by our hosting service in our Master Services Agreement and by creating an account on the All Welcome platform you are agreeing to be bound by the relevant parts of our MSA. The MSA also included the GDPR and data management processes The Developer Society performs.

The All Welcome fundraising platform will be provided fee free until 1st July 2020.